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Round 1 - Hobart

After the smoking success of 2016, we are going to kick off the season with a lap around the mountain. The event will be hosted once again on the doorstep of the Cascade Brewery. The course is yet to be confirmed but it will most likely be very similar to our last adventure down south. Huge shout to the land managers for their enthusiasm in helping us put this one together again. Entries open soon

Dec 3

Round 2 - Dial Range / Penguin

After a very successful trial event earlier this year, we are going to head back to the epic trails of the Dial Range for round 2. This event will once again be run over 2 days and include the legendary trail in Marcelo's backyard, along with the epic mountain top descents. Mount Gnomon Farm will again be partnering with our event to add a bit more class to the weekend. Entries opening soon. 

Mar 27


An epic adventure in the wild mountains that make the Dial Range

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To eliminate the epic liaison stage between the Leven River and Mt Dial we have made the decision to run this event over 2 days.

Day 1 - Consists of Stage 1 on the legendary trails in Marcelo's backyard then we will all ride to the top of Mt Dial together before we descend back to the MTB park racing Stage 2.

For the adrenaline junkies, we will then have a slope style contest on the crazy features at the Penguin MTB Park before calling it a day.

Day 2 - Start and finish at the Gnomon Farm. Stage 3 will be the one for the speed freaks on the Sth Duncan trail then stage 4 will be the epic descent from near Mt Duncan to the Leven river. This stage is raw, steep in places and ENDURO AS. . . . . You know what.  The perfect finish to an epic adventure near the sleepy coastal town of Penguin.

This event will be a stand alone event and not part of a series. We will organise a series over the 2017 / 2018 Summer.


Day 1 - Saturday - 25th March - 16km + practice laps at Marcelo's

Day 1 car parking - There is very limited parking at Marcelo's. Please park at the MTB park and commute to Marcelo's (5 minutes). If you have family/friends attending to give you a good heckle and show some stoke, then you are welcome to park at Marcelo's. If you turn up to Marcelo's with competitors only you will be turned around so please take note. Saturday's proceedings will finish at the MTB park.

  • 9am - Rego opens at Marcelo's - Stage 1 open for practice. Strongly reccomend at least 1 run.
  • 11.45am - Event Breifing
  • 12 Midday - Stage 1 - Marcelo's
  • 1.30pm - Cruise to Mt Dial
  • 3.00pm - Stage 2 - Mt Dial
  • 4.30pm - Slopestyle Contest- Penguin MTB park - Enter on the day
  • 6.00pm - Dinner at the Mount Gnomon Farm (Optional)

Day 2 - Sunday - 26th March - 17km

  • 8.45am - Event Briefing
  • 9am - Event Start/Finish at Gnomon Farm
  • Complete stage 3 & 4 - Sth Duncan and Mt Dial
  • 11.30am - Presentation
  • 12 Midday - Gnomon Farm Open Day with live music from Half Way To Forth




Stage 1      Stage 2      Stage 3      Stage 4


This event will finish around midday Sunday and there is no need to rush home. Hang around and feel the relaxed vibes coming from Half Way To Forth whilst you enjoy some tasty tucker accompanied by a crafty beer or Artisan cider. There will also be some family oriented activities available such as piglet patting and secret life of pig tours. Concert free for all competitors.
A huge thank you to Guy from the Mount Gnomon Farm for all his support. 

Nov 27


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Well I don’t think I can say anything that has not been said a thousand time before but we all know how this venue has changed mountain biking in Tasmania and Australia forever. After the success of last years event and new epic descents opening soon, we thought there would be no better way to stage the season grand finale than to host a 2 day gravity fuelled extravaganza at this amazing venue.

Competitor Information


Start List


Series Points



The following trails will be used for this event. Atlas, Dambusters Descent, Sneaky Lizard (Rattler), Monument (Berms & Ferns), Black Dragon (Optional Special Stage), Kruskas, Upper Flickety, Black Stump / Shearpin / 23 Stitches

Day 1 Map - CLICK HERE

Day 2 Map - CLICK HERE


Friday - Welborough Pub - Registration open 5-7pm

Saturday - Weldborough Pub - 8am Rego Opens - 10am Event Start

Sunday - Derby Trail Head - 9am Event Start

For those not familiar with accommodation at Derby / Weldborough here is a basic rundown.

If you wish to have a solid roof over your head I would get book it now or be prepared to travel. There is not a lot available locally. Unfortunately, we have already booked out the Branxholm Lodge, but it will be worth trying the Weldborough Hotel or any of these quality local establishments DERBY ACCOMMODATION

Weldborough Pub - Great option with facilities, showers, and a legendary pub all within 50m. Phone for bookings 63542223
Derby Camp Grounds - Free camping by the river with coin operated showers down the road.


The North West Lions Club will be onsite at both Weldborough on Saturday and Derby on Sunday cooking up a storm. Weldborough Hotel will also be cooking up their usual gourmet meals on Saturday also. Please bring some cash for a post-race BBQ feast.


More Information as it comes to hand

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RND 3 - Hobart (kunanyi / MT WELLINGTON)

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kunanyi / Mt Wellington - October 2016

Riders have spoken and we have listened. "GET AN EVENT TO HOBART!!!" they said, so we have teamed up with Cascade Brewery, Hobart City Council and the Wellington Trust to bring you an event of epic proportion. It has been quite a lot of work to bring all this together but it will all be worth it as we bring to southern Tasmania what they have been craving for so long. Set on the majestic slopes of kunanyi / Mt Wellington and based out of the iconic Cascade Brewery, this event will be one to remember. With a slick combination of cruise and race stages, your day will be a tough one, but one to savour for the ages. 

Competitor Information Pack

Download HERE

Course Overview

Distance - 27km                 Elevation Gain 1200m


Rnd 3 will start and finish on the doorstep of the iconic landmark that is the Cascade Brewery. From there we will ascend the lower slopes of the mountain before linking together some classic "Special" stages and "Cruise" stages as we make our way back to base. The "Special Stages" that we have included will keep even the fastest pinner entertained for well over 20min of race time. Yeehaa!!

The first climb of the day is a corker. From Cascade to The Springs via the dirt should be enough motivation to keep the legs turning during these colder months. But remember what goes up, must come down, and what a descent it will be!!

In order to obtain the quality stages there is a requirement for some serious elevation gain in the form of 1200m. Although when compared to the last EWS round, where riders climbed 2300m, ours pales in significance, but we still realise that it may be too much of a challenge for some. We want to make the event as achievable as possible for everyone so we have put the following 3 steps in place

1 - We have extended the cutoff time to 5 hours instead of the standard 4
2 - Refreshments will be available from the top of the first climb
3 - We have included a SPORT category where riders can catch a shuttle for a significant part of the climb. Riders will stay in their normal category but their results will be listed beneath those that have completed the full course.

Sport Category

As mention above we will be offering a sport category to support those that genuinely do not think they will be able to make it up the climb. Sport riders will receive a shuttle for the second part of the days major climb eliminating around 400m of elevation gain. Sport riders will stay in their original category but their results will be listed below those that complete the full course.

If you have already entered and you would like to take up the sport category uplift option please email kingmillerevents@westnet.com.au with your intent and bring $10 cash on the day. If you are yet to sign up then you can pay for this option online. 


Junior riders can catch a shuttle up the second half of the first climb. This will cut out about 400m of climbing.


7.30am - Registration open

8.30am - Registration closes, Jnr and Sport Class Breifing

8.45am - Race brief

9.00am - Race Start, you will have 5 hours to complete the course from your start time, if you take longer than this you will be given a time penalties per minute you are late. The race director may choose to waive this penalty in extreme cases (e.g. where medical/safety issue has delayed racing)

2.00pm - Event presentations (or when everyone is finished)


A big shout out to the Wellington Trust, Hobart City Council and the quality Australians at Cascade Brewery for their assistance in getting this one off the ground.

More information coming soon

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Unfortunately this event was cancelled due to horrendous weather.

Unfortunately this event was cancelled due to horrendous weather.



Course Overview

Trail Notes and Mt Montgomery Map


Persistence has paid off and we now have an incredible new venue on the NW Coast to make the 2016 series truly STATEWIDE!! 

The Dial Range is a stunning wilderness experience. This course includes epic race stages that will take you from mountain tops to riverbanks via dense bushland on old fire roads and narrow trails.

These trails are different to anything we have raced on before. No sculpted MTB specific single trails here, these trails are OLD SCHOOL!! Including fast open sections, rock gardens, creek crossings, natural berms that will hold you at 30-40km/h, water bar launching pads and much more to keep you entertained all the way to the finish line. Add to this the scenic views from the ridges and mountain tops along the course and this is going to be a day that you will never forget. 


On Saturday, we will have social activities at 2 venues. From 12-2pm the Cradle Coast MTB Club will host riders at the Penguin MTB park for a session at their incredible jumps park. This unique set of jumps that are unlike anything you will see anywhere. Whilst this air time is happening the club will put on a BBQ at the viewing platform. For those who have not seen the viewing platform it is an elevated area that overlooks the jumps and perfect place to relax and enjoy spectating. Then from 2pm, those that have signed up  will ride from here to Marcelo's. Local trail building legend Marcelo Cardona has agreed to open up his backyard for us to experience. It's an amazing place and we are truly privileged to have this opportunity. In Marcelo's spare time (I am surprised he has any) he likes to play Spielberg. Check out a couple of his quality edits below to get the adrenaline pumping.

Our backyard - CLICK HERE

Penguin Bike Park - CLICK HERE 

Tasmanian Grown - CLICK HERE 




Guy and the good people at the Mt Gnomon Farm will be hosting us for the weekend. The Mt Gnomon Farm is located on the edge of the Dial Range with an outlook that stretches from the mountains to the ocean. The view is stunning and so are the gourmet meals on offer. When signing up for this event you can choose to join us for an evening meal on Saturday night.  The Mt Gnomon Farm will also provide catering on race day and free Camping for those who like roughing it. www.mountgnomonfarm.com.au/



12-2pm - Penguin MTB park jump park session & BBQ

2-5pm - Social Ride at Marcelo's

6.00 pm - Evening meal at Mount Gnomon Farm


7.30am - Registration open

8.30am - Registration closes, start times available

8.45am - Race brief

9.00am - Race Start, you will have 4.5 hours to complete the course from your start time, if you take longer than this you will be given a time penalties per minute you are late. The race director may choose to waive this penalty in extreme cases (e.g. where medical/safety issue has delayed racing)

2.00pm - Event presentations (or when everyone is finished)

I would like to thank the team at Parks & Wildlife, the Gnomon Farm and Marcelo and family for their support in bringing this event together.

Please note - The trails in Marcelo’s backyard are some of the best you will ride anywhere, but please understand they are on private property and not open for the public to ride before or after this event without invitation or permission, no Strava and please no rubbish.

10:00 am10:00


  • Hollybank Mountain Bike Park


Note - Entries still open & all female categories have been combined as there was less than 5 riders in each category




What better way to kick off the season than by getting nostalgic and revisiting and old favourite. Based around the legendary Juggernaut, Hollybank is a gravity fiends paradise. With its unique mix or technical terrain and flat out fun stuff , it is unlike anything else on offer in Tassie and has put quite a few eager mainland MTBers on big birds en route to come and sample its goodness. Combine Juggernaut with the flow and g-force inducing berms of Tall Timbers and you have the perfect venue for a great day of Gravity Enduro racing. So get your mates together, lets kick off the season with a bang and get some points up in the overall 2016 series early on. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!

Event Schedule


Stage start and finish points will be signed for unofficial practice. We encourage riders to scope out the course but please be respectful of other users as the course will NOT BE CLOSED!! Save the race face for Sunday. Course will not be fully marked until Sunday.

Why not make a weekend of it and enjoy some gravity assist from VertigoMTB Tasmania. Shuttles will be running from 12pm. Book online HERE


8.30 - Rego Opens

9.30 - Rego Closes, Start times will be available

9.45 - Race Brief

10am - Race Start, you will have 3 hours 30min to complete the course from your start time, if you take longer than this you will be given a time penalties per minute you are late. The race director may choose to waive this penalty in extreme cases (e.g. where medical/safety issue has delayed racing)

2pm (or as soon as all riders are finished) - Presentations & Spot prize Draw

Helmet Requirement

Full Face Helmet Required in line with MTBA 2016 Standard A - Removable chin piece acceptable

Course Information

In typical enduro style the course will be released in the week leading up to the event

Jnr Riders

As we don't want to burn the whipper snappers out before they reach the senior ranks we are offering them a shuttle option for the 1 major climb of the day. Everyone else will be required to ride the climb in the true spirit of enduro.

How To Enter

Entries open Wednesday 30/3/2016

Early bird entries close 6pm 24/4/2016

Entry close midnight Wednesday 4/5/16


Catering will be provided by the gang from Running On Empty. To check out their gourmet menu CLICK HERE