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RND 3 - Hobart (kunanyi / MT WELLINGTON)

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kunanyi / Mt Wellington - October 2016

Riders have spoken and we have listened. "GET AN EVENT TO HOBART!!!" they said, so we have teamed up with Cascade Brewery, Hobart City Council and the Wellington Trust to bring you an event of epic proportion. It has been quite a lot of work to bring all this together but it will all be worth it as we bring to southern Tasmania what they have been craving for so long. Set on the majestic slopes of kunanyi / Mt Wellington and based out of the iconic Cascade Brewery, this event will be one to remember. With a slick combination of cruise and race stages, your day will be a tough one, but one to savour for the ages. 

Competitor Information Pack

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Course Overview

Distance - 27km                 Elevation Gain 1200m


Rnd 3 will start and finish on the doorstep of the iconic landmark that is the Cascade Brewery. From there we will ascend the lower slopes of the mountain before linking together some classic "Special" stages and "Cruise" stages as we make our way back to base. The "Special Stages" that we have included will keep even the fastest pinner entertained for well over 20min of race time. Yeehaa!!

The first climb of the day is a corker. From Cascade to The Springs via the dirt should be enough motivation to keep the legs turning during these colder months. But remember what goes up, must come down, and what a descent it will be!!

In order to obtain the quality stages there is a requirement for some serious elevation gain in the form of 1200m. Although when compared to the last EWS round, where riders climbed 2300m, ours pales in significance, but we still realise that it may be too much of a challenge for some. We want to make the event as achievable as possible for everyone so we have put the following 3 steps in place

1 - We have extended the cutoff time to 5 hours instead of the standard 4
2 - Refreshments will be available from the top of the first climb
3 - We have included a SPORT category where riders can catch a shuttle for a significant part of the climb. Riders will stay in their normal category but their results will be listed beneath those that have completed the full course.

Sport Category

As mention above we will be offering a sport category to support those that genuinely do not think they will be able to make it up the climb. Sport riders will receive a shuttle for the second part of the days major climb eliminating around 400m of elevation gain. Sport riders will stay in their original category but their results will be listed below those that complete the full course.

If you have already entered and you would like to take up the sport category uplift option please email with your intent and bring $10 cash on the day. If you are yet to sign up then you can pay for this option online. 


Junior riders can catch a shuttle up the second half of the first climb. This will cut out about 400m of climbing.


7.30am - Registration open

8.30am - Registration closes, Jnr and Sport Class Breifing

8.45am - Race brief

9.00am - Race Start, you will have 5 hours to complete the course from your start time, if you take longer than this you will be given a time penalties per minute you are late. The race director may choose to waive this penalty in extreme cases (e.g. where medical/safety issue has delayed racing)

2.00pm - Event presentations (or when everyone is finished)


A big shout out to the Wellington Trust, Hobart City Council and the quality Australians at Cascade Brewery for their assistance in getting this one off the ground.

More information coming soon

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