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OPEN   19+

VETERAN   30-39

MASTERS   40-49


U19   17-18

JNR U17   15-16


SPORT - Easier course than other categories. Will miss one stage per event (Men / Women combined)

Junior riders must be 13 or over from the 29/10/2017

Age categories are based on your age at the final round of the series (25/3/2018). This is to prevent age category changes during the series


event pricing


MEEHAN RANGE (Clarence) - 11/2/18 (Capped at 150 riders)

                            Early Bird    Normal   Late

Adult                    $70            $90         $110

Jnr                        $50            $70          $90

Early Bird Closes - 7th Jan 2018
Entry Close - 31st Jan 2018


BLUE DERBY - 25/3/18 (Capped at 200 riders)

                            Early Bird    Normal   Late

Adult                    $80           $100       $120

Jnr                        $60             $80        $100

Early Bird Close - 25th Feb 2018
Entry Close - 18th March 2018

no "on the day" entries

Moving forward we will not be accepting any "On the day" entries. We work very to make our events as organised as possible hence why we have now taken this stance.

MTBA Annual Licence - Series Entry

In order to enter the series you will need to have your MTBA licence current for the LAST round. If your licence runs out before this time it will need to be renewed in order to take advantage of this offer. Your annual renewal will not take effect until your current licence runs out. Eg. If your licence runs out in December 2017, your new licence will last until Dec 2018.


MTBA Annual Licence - Single event

MTBA licence's are required for all events. A day licence ($30 per event) is not the best option. It is expensive and offers little in the way of insurance benefits. There are 3 better options:

  • Free 8 Week Trial
  • Annual Membership ($120 + Club Fee - Adult)
  • 3 Month Membership ($50 + Club Fee - Adult)

Licences cost less for jnr's

Sign up using the MTBA website - http://www.mtba.asn.au/membership/membership-types


Series entries non refundable

If you are unable to attend an event for any reason then we will allow for YOU to arrange someone to take you place. This will be up to you to organise and we will need to be informed no later than one week prior to the event.


age categories



Refund Policy

We work very hard to provide the best experience possible for our competitors. Just like riding down a technical MTB trail, there is a risk involved with entering events. Please find below our refund policy which is very reasonable compared to most events.

Greater than 14 days notice

Transfer 100% of entry fee toward future event

Refund 80% of entry fee

7 - 14 days notice

Transfer 100% of entry fee towards future event

Refund 50% of entry fee

Less than 7 days notice

Transfer 60% of entry fee to future event

No refund available

Event Cancelation

If an act of god or event beyond our control should force us to cancel an event, such as but not limited too, a forecast of over 100mm of rain, just for a random example, we will do our very best to reschedule the event. If this is not possible then 80% of entry fee's will be eligible to be credited to our next event or we can offer a 60% refund if this is preferred. Please appreciate that if an event does not go ahead there are still expenses that need to be covered.