Rules and Safety

Brief rundown

  • Full face helmet will be required for all rounds.

  • All riders must be fully self sufficient by carrying their own food and water.

  • Knee & elbow pads are compulsory for U17 (recommended for other categories)

  • Your bike must be in good working order, with front and back working brakes.

  • Follow all marshalls instructions.

  • Riders that are caught by faster riders must yield. Approaching rider must give advance notice.

  • Unsportsmanlike behaviour under any circumstance will not be tolerated.

  • If carrying a phone please put the event directors number in your phone for emergency use. 0421 174 255


the finer details

Safety Equipment


In accordance with the new MTBA gravity enduro rules a full face helmet will be compulsory on all competition stages for all events. You may carry 2 helmets but they must be secured properly at all times.

To view more detailed information on MTBA's Gravity Enduro helmet policy CLICK HERE

U17 Riders

For under 17 riders mandatory safety equipment must be worn during all competition stages and is recommended for all riders, these include;

  • Knee pads

  • Elbow pads or covered elbows or long sleeve jersey

  • Full finger gloves

  • A neck brace is recommended but not compulsory. Neck brace should only be used with a full faced helmet.

  • Fully enclosed foot wear

  • Protective eyewear


You can only use one bike and it must be in a safe working order with bar ends and working brakes all-round. The race director has the discretion to prohibit unsafe bikes.

More Information

More technical info can be found HERE 

Racing format

Riders will have an allocated time to start and must complete all competition and cruise stages in the time limit, if you go outside the time limit you will receive a penalty. The race director may choose to waive this penalty in extreme cases (e.g. where medical/safety issue has delayed racing). The fastest competition stage time in each category will be the winner. 

All riders are required to be fully self sufficient by carrying their own food, drinks and spares. 

 Should you be caught by another rider in a stage you must pull off the racing line to allow a safe passing move.  The pursuing rider must give clear audible notice of which side they intend to pass.  For example, the pursuing rider may shout “On your left”, allowing the slower rider to move to the right.


Timing controls are located at the start and finish of each stage.  Prior to starting the event, riders must tag the CLEAR timing control point and then the START timing control point. Each rider will be issued with a timing device that will activate the timing control points, this is to be attached to the rider. 

Riders will start each stage at 30 second intervals with a maximum of 1 minute between each rider.

It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure that they STOP at the end of each stage and tag the timing control. If you fail to do this you will not receive a time for that stage and you will also receive a DNF in the overall results. 

On completion of all stages for the day you MUST download your timing results at registration.  No download NO time!  


Race course will be published during the week before the event.

Environmental rules

We love ridding in our great parks and reserves around Tasmania so this is very simple let’s look after our place and don’t litter.

Injured rider

In the event that you come across an injured rider who is not able to continue please wait with the rider.  The second person on the scene should continue along the trail to the next marshall point.  Anyone affected by assisting with a medical situation will be given either a rerun or a result reflecting similar ranking to other stages. Safety first.

Riders who carry mobile phones can call: Danny King 0421 174 255


Just be a good sport!

Observe all rules and instructions provided by organisers and marshalls. Foul or abusive language aimed at anyone will not be tolerated.  The organisers may impose penalties for going outside the rules or poor sportsmanship.

E-Bike Rules & Regulations

E-mountain bikes must comply with Tasmanian standard relevant to "Pedelec power assisted bicycles" i.e.the motor must cut-off once the cycle reaches 25km/h. Find info here

Competitors are allowed to use ONE BATTERY ONLY for the event. It is not permitted to carry a spare battery or change batteries during the event.

  • Riders should ensure that their battery is fully charged before the start

  • Bikes with a separate throttle control are NOT permitted.

  • The manufacturers e-bike factory speed limiter must not be tampered with.

  • 25kmph is the max speed the bike is allowed to travel assisted by battery/motor.

  • All sensors are not allowed to be repositioned or changed from manufacturer's original position.

  • Electronic settings relating to Wheel Circumference must not be tampered with.

  • All other Tas Gravity Enduro rules must be complied with.


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